Meet Jeremiah Ogola, the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Cotton and Paper Products Limited

The KCB 2Jiajiri initiative through its technical training courses aims at equipping the young and micro-entrepreneurs with essential skills that empower them to profitably turn their passion into a service and, or product. The program gives you access to funds and also connects you to the relevant market and its players.

Meet Esther Lenolkulal from Maralal

KCB Rwanda in partnership with the National Youth Council has launched a youth scholarship program named ‘KCB Igire’ in which 100 youth will receive intensive vocational training. The program is sponsored by the KCB foundation.

The launch follows the signing of an MoU between KCB Bank Rwanda and the National Youth Council tenter a collaboration with the aim of turning youth into job creators and increase their employability.

The KCB Foundation made available Rwf 45 million to provide six months of accelerated training in culinary arts, domestic electrical installation and ICT to 100 selected youth. The disciplines were identified as crucial to fill the skills gap in the country as well as according to the personal preference of the applicants.

The program’s launch held at IPRC Kicukiro campus was presided over by the Minister of Youth Rosemary Mbabazi, the executive secretary of the National Youth Council Robert Mwesigwa, the principals of IPRC Huye, Ngoma and Kigali, KCB staff and the selected candidates.

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KCB Rwanda Partners with the SME Response Clinic

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“We appreciate that we are in this together. We want to assure our customers that we are looking long-term. Keep engaging.”


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Driven by passion, fearless in your pursuits, forward thinking, opportunity seeking, always ready to go; if that description fits you and your Biashara, let KCB Bank walk your entrepreneurship journey and together, go ahead to scale new heights.

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Empowering Rwanda's SME’s - The engine for growth

I would say to clients of the industry that the banking sector will stand for you as we have always done, until our customers can come back into their businesses as before.

- Joshua Oigara
Chief Executive, Kenya Commercial Bank

Empowering Rwanda’s SME’s – The engine for growth

Message from Joshua Oigara – Chief Executive, Kenya Commercial Bank

Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) CEO Joshua Oigara identified the state-backed credit guarantee scheme as a great resource for medium and small enterprises looking to stay afloat or thrive in 2021.

Offering an outlook for the new year as part of conversations with the Kenya Bankers Association (KBA), Oigara described the newly launched scheme as ‘the most exciting part of innovation during the pandemic by financial institutions’.

He noted that the scheme offered SMEs with no security and inadequate cashflow access to affordable credit, cushioning their businesses from the shocks of Covid-19. Oigara further noted it was the first scheme of its kind in the region.

KCB is among participating banks set to extend credit to SMEs after the government through the Public Finance Management Regulations (2020) set up the Ksh3 billion stabilization facility. To qualify, businesses will be required to meet requirements including compliance with tax obligations and business permits as well as having a good credit standing. “The credit guarantee scheme which is the first across the region is a very exciting initiative set up between the banks, the Central Bank and the National Treasury.

“In many ways small customers or what we call SMEs who have no access to credit because of no security, because their cashflows are not strong enough, get a chance to qualify,” Oigara noted.


Amahugurwa ya AMI atangwa kuri interineti: Amasomo ku guhangana n’ingorane no kwigira ku bandi : Yannick

Amahugurwa ya AMI atangwa kuri interineti: Amasomo ku guhangana n’ingorane no kwigira ku bandi

Ubuhamya: Yannick Tuyishime, Umuyobozi Mukuru, akaba no mu bashinze Tsapal Company Ltd

Yannick Tuyishime ni Umuyobozi Mukuru, akaba no mu bashinze Tsapal Company Ltd, ikigo gikora inkweto n’imyenda kuva mu mpera za 2019.  Iki kigo niho cyari kigitangira ubwo icyorezo cya COVID-19 cyadukaga, ariko amahugurwa ya AMI yabafashije gukomeza gukora ibikorwa by’ubucuruzi byabo mu gihe cy’icyorezo.

“Mu gihe twagiraga igitekerezo cyo gutangiza ikigo cyacu, twari twabonye ko hari ibibazo byinshi mu muryango nyarwanda dushobora kugiramo uruhare mu gukemura. Icya mbere ni uko hari abantu benshi badafite akazi mu Rwanda no muri Afurika. Ikindi ni uko tubona ko dushobora gukora ikintu gishobora guteza imbere ibikorerwa mu Rwanda. Bitewe n’uko imisoro n’amahoro ku bicuruzwa bitumizwa hanze bihanitse mu Rwanda, turamutse twongereye ibikorerwa mu Rwanda, dushobora kuziba icyo cyuho ibiciro bikagabanuka kuko ibicuruzwa byaba bikorewe mu gihugu.”

Mu mahugurwa ya AMI, Yannick yigiyemo uburyo bwo gucunga neza imikoreshereze y’amafaranga, kumvikana n’abo akodeshereza inzu, kunoza uburyo bwo guhanahana amakuru hagati y’abakozi n’abakiriya, hamwe no gusesengura no gukora igenamigambi mu rwego rwo guhangana n’ingorane. Ibi byatumye agabanyirizwa amafaranga akodesha inzu mu bihe byari bikomeye bya Gahunda ya Guma mu rugo, hamwe no kugumana abakozi bose yakoreshaga binyuze mu kugabanya imishahara n’amafaranga yakoreshwaga mu bintu bitari ngombwa. Ikigo cyanagabanyije ibiciro bya bimwe mu bicuruzwa hagamijwe kugumana abakiriya kugira ngo batabatakaza mu gihe cy’icyorezo.

Yannick arashishikariza abandi ba rwiyemezamirimo b’Abanyarwanda kwitabira amasomo ya AMI hamwe n’amahugurwa ari imbere kugira ngo na bo babashe kuyungukiramo kandi banige uburyo bwo guhangana n’ingorane, kumvikana n’abakiriya ndetse n’ababagemurira ibicuruzwa, kandi bashyire mu bikorwa intego bafite, banahangana n’imbogamizi ziboneka muri iyi minsi.

“Nshimishijwe n’amahugurwa ya AMI kubera ko ubu noneho nandika amafaranga yose yakoreshejwe mu bikorwa by’ubucuruzi buri cyumweru kandi ngakoresha gahunda yo gucunga neza ubucuruzi. Ikindi ni uko nize uburyo bwo gusesengura ingorane – nk’ubu ngubu, icyo nigiye mu mahugurwa ya AMI ni uko nshobora kwicara nkabasha kubona ibitagenda neza mu bijyanye no gucunga amafaranga. Nshobora gukora gahunda y’ibikorwa nifashisha mu guhangana n’ingorane nasesenguye. Mbikuye ku mutima, sinzi uko nashimira AMI, kandi ndashishikariza abantu bose kwitabira amahugurwa ya AMI, abamaze kuyitabira bakaba bakwiga andi masomo batanga. Niba ushaka gukora ubucuruzi ku buryo burambye, amahugurwa ya AMI azagufasha rwose.”

AMI Online Bootcamp: Tools for Managing Risk and Learning from Others

Testimonial: Yannick Tuyishime, CEO and cofounder of Tsapal Company Ltd

Yannick Tuyishime is the CEO and co-founder of Tsapal Company Ltd, a footwear and apparel manufacturing company since late 2019.  The company was brand new when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, but participating in the AMI Bootcamp helped to keep business afloat during crisis.

“When we came up with the idea for our company, we saw that there are many problems in the community that we can do something about. The first is that there are high rates of unemployment in Rwanda and in Africa. The other is that we see that we can do something that can do boost Made in Rwanda products. Import taxes are high in Rwanda, and so by increasing Made in Rwanda products we can fill the gap by bringing prices down and manufacturing locally.”

With the AMI Bootcamp, Yannick learned how to better manage cashflow, negotiate with his landlord, improve communications between staff and with customers, and assess and plan for risks. This allowed him to receive a reduction on rent during the worst part of the lockdown, as well as to keep all staff employed by making some salary reductions as well as cutting down on unnecessary costs. The company even reduced some of the product prices so as to keep customers on board and not lose them during the pandemic.

Yannick encourages other Rwandan entrepreneurs to attend AMI’s courses and upcoming Bootcamps so that they too can benefit from the toolkit and learn to manage risks, negotiate with customers and suppliers, and bring larger visions to fruition while dealing with today’s challenges.

“I appreciate the AMI Bootcamp because now I record weekly all of our expenses in the business and use the project management plan. The other thing is that I’ve learned how to assess some risks – like in this time, what I’ve learned from AMI bootcamp is that I can sit down and see what is not going well, what is going well, in cash management. I can make an action plan to meet the risks that I’ve assessed. Wholeheartedly, I can’t thank AMI enough and I encourage everyone to attend AMI Bootcamps and for those who have already attended to take some of the other courses that they provide. When someone wants to grow a business sustainably the AMI bootcamp will really help.”

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Amahugurwa ya AMI atangwa kuri interineti: Amasomo ku Guhangana n’Ingorane no Kwigira ku Bandi - Mathew Rwahigi

Amahugurwa ya AMI atangwa kuri interineti: Amasomo ku Guhangana n’Ibibazo no Kwigira ku Bandi

Ongera ubumenyi bwawe bwo gucunga ibikorwa by’ubucuruzi ubikesheje amahugurwa ya AMI atangwa ku buntu:



Ubuhamya: Matthew Rwahigi, Nyiri Thella Café – Kuwa gatandatu tariki ya 30 Gicurasi, 2020

Matthew Rwahigi, ufite igikorwa cy’ubucuruzi buto ku Gisozi, yahuye n’ibibazo bikomeye igihe gahunda ya “guma mu rugo” yatangiraga muri Kigali bitewe na COVID-19. Ku bw’amahirwe, bitewe n’uko yitabiriye amahugurwa ya AMI ku bikorwa by’ubucuruzi buto, yigiyemo uburyo bwo kuganira n’abamuha ibicuruzwa ndetse n’abo akodeshereza inzu mu rwego rwo gufata ibyemezo bikomeyo byo gutuma ubucuruzi bwe burokoka.

“Ibiganiro hamwe n’ibyo wumvana bagenzi bawe mu gihe cy’amahugurwa ya AMI, bituma wumva utari wenyine. Mbere nabanje kumva ko ahari nahisemo nabi ibikorwa by’ubucuruzi nakoraga, ariko ibi ntibyari byo, ahubwo napfushije ubusa ibyo nari narizigamye nta mpamvu. Ariko iyo wumvise abandi bantu, wumva ko hari abandi bantu benshi musangiye ibibazo. Bityo bikagutera imbaraga zo gukomeza no gushaka ubushobozi bwo kubikemura.”

Ni iki cyakugiriye akamaro kurusha ibindi mu mahugurwa ya AMI?

Icyambere, nize gushyira imbaraga mu gucunga igikorwa cy’ubucuruzi. Nabashije gushyira imbaraga kurushaho ku bucuruzi bwanjye. Kuva natangira gushyira imbaraga ku bucuruzi bwanjye kurushaho – nabonye ko mbere ntakoraga ubucuruzi, sinari narabonye amasomo n’ubumenyi mu gutegura gahunda no gufata ibyemezo bikomeye, nko kwirukana abakozi.

Icyakabiri, nungukiye mu guhura n’abandi no kumenya ibibazo abandi bahura na byo. Ibi byanyigishije byinshi. Rwose mpa agaciro abandi bacuruzi n’ibitekerezo byabo, kugira ngo ibikorwa by’ubucuruzi byanjye bikomeze, ngomba kugirana imikoranire na bo. Ubu nibura mfite ubumenyi, kandi niyo ibi bikorwa by’ubucuruzi byanjye byahagarara, ngatangira ibindi, naba mfite amakuru n’ubushobozi bihagije.

Ni gute AMI yagufashije?

Iyo ukeneye kubaza ikibazo runaka, AMI ikubwira amayeri wakoresha, ikanaguha ibitekerezo. Bafite ipaji ku rubuga rwabo rwa interineti yifashishwa mu gushakisha amakuru ku bucuruzi, iriho ibyo wakenera n’amasomo, kandi ibi ni ingenzi mu rwego rwo gukomeza kongera ubumenyi.

“Itsinda rya AMI ryadufashije rwose kumva ko ubuzma butahagaze, kumva ko hari icyorezo, ariko ko dushobora gukomeza guteza imbere ibikorwa by’ubucuruzi tukabasha kurokoka icyorezo, kandi ko dufite amahirwe yo gukomeza nyuma y’icyorezo.”

Ongera ubumenyi bwawe bwo gucunga ibikorwa by’ubucuruzi ubikesheje amahugurwa ya AMI atangwa ku buntu:


AMI Online Bootcamp: Tools for Managing Risk and Learning from Others

Improve your business management skills with AMI’s free Bootcamp and Trainings:
Bootcamp: Tuesday, July 14th, 2020 – 

Testimonial: Matthew Rwahigi, Owner, Thella Café – Saturday May 30, 2020

Matthew Rwahigi, a small business owner in Gisozi, was hit hard when the COVID-19 lockdowns began in Kigali. Luckily, as a participant in AMI’s trainings for small businesses, he learned the skills to negotiate with suppliers and his landlords and to make the tough decisions needed to help his business survive.

“The conversations and hearing from other colleagues through the AMI workshops, you feel like you’re not alone. At first I thought maybe I was in the wrong business, this was a bad idea, I just burnt my savings for no good reasons. But then you hear other people and you feel that you are in this with so many others. It gives you the strength to stay the course and find the resources to manage.”

What was most valuable for you about the AMI trainings?

First, I learned to focus on learning how to manage a business. I got to focus a bit on my business. Since I Getting to focus a bit – I hadn’t done business in the past, I did not have the tools and skills to plan and make tough decisions, like having to lay off staff.

Second, I benefited from networking and finding out what other people are going through. I learned a lot from this. I really value the community of business people and their input, because if my business is going to survive, I need these relationships. Now at least I have some knowledge, and if my business doesn’t survive, and if I started another business I would be better informed, and more empowered.

How has AMI supported you?

AMI is there when you need to ask a question, to give you tips and ideas. There is an online business portal with tools and courses, and these are important in continuing to build skills.

“The AMI group really helped us in empowering us to feel that this is not the end of the road, to have a feeling that yes, there is a pandemic but you can still try to tune your business up a bit to survive the pandemic, and even have an opportunity to continue after the pandemic.”

Improve your business management skills with AMI’s free Bootcamp and Trainings:
Bootcamp: Tuesday, July 14th, 2020 – 

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