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Managing Your Finances With BPR Bank Rwanda

In August 2021, KCB Bank Rwanda merged with Banque Populaire du Rwanda PLC to form a new bank, BPR Bank Rwanda. The new bank will benefit clients with a wide range of products and services, including access to a larger network of branches and banking agents across the country, as well the best-in-class digital offers, transactional banking solutions, trade finance expertise, and international banking offers from KCB Banking Group.

BPR Bank Rwanda is working on new and exciting financial products and services at the end of the year for SMEs. Here are the current offers.

Electronic Warehouse Receipts Finance (eWRsF)

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Zamuka Muhinzi Loan

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Asset Finance in Horticulture Sub-sector Greenhouse Technology

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Asset Based Financing

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For Your Biashara

Driven by passion, fearless in your pursuits, forward-thinking, opportunity-seeking, and always ready to go; if that description fits you and your Biashara, let BPR Bank Rwanda walk your entrepreneurship journey and, together, go ahead to scale new heights.

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