Food Security

Call for Africa Food Security and Resilience Partnerships

Call for Africa Food Security and Resilience Partnerships

Through the Prosper Africa initiative, the USAID Africa Trade and Investment (ATI) program invites applicants for the Africa Food Security and Resilience Partnerships grant opportunity. ATI seeks partners to work with USAID to scale access to and availability of agricultural inputs, technologies, and food that directly respond to the food security and resilience impacts of ongoing price and availability shocks associated with the Russian-Ukraine conflict.

Interested applicants are required to submit a concept note that works towards one or multiple of the following comprehensive objectives:

  • Increased food security
  • Support to established businesses, farming associations, and sourcing partnerships that can rapidly scale access to crucial inputs such as seeds and fertilizers
  • Partnerships with companies to scale production of food crops critical to food security and nutrition across multiple markets
  • Export deals for critical inputs to food insecure regions
  • Facilitate trade deals that deliver food from areas of surplus to those of scarcity
  • Resilience of food systems
  • Transaction identification, facilitation, and deal structuring related to Africa’s resilience and food security
  • Development of new financing solutions addressing issues of Africa’s resilience and food security to accelerate access to key inputs or food products and scale production of essential value chains
  • Expand farmers’ access to technologies that reduce reliance on rain-fed agriculture, reduce post-harvest loss, and reduce/replace the use of diesel/fuel
  • Strengthening and optimization of supply chains, such as through the use of technology and data to quickly drive decision making and respond to new resilience shocks

Shortlisted applicants will be sent a request for an application. Successful applicants will be offered grants ranging from USD 500, 000 – USD 5,000,000.

Apply before 31 March 2023.

For more information on the programme and application details, visit: ANNUAL PROGRAM STATEMENT