Are you a social entrepreneur that addresses pressing needs in your community? Apply for funding from the Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation.

The Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation (DRK), a global venture philanthropy supporting early-stage, high-impact social enterprises, invites social entrepreneurs to apply for funding. The foundation seeks to support outsized impact through entrepreneurs and enterprises that address pressing societal problems affecting people.

The foundation seeks to find social enterprises that fulfil the following:

  • Address a critical social or environmental issue as the focus of their work
  • Have founders who intend to expand their impact significantly over time
  • Be operating in Africa, Europe, India, Latin America, and the United States
  • Be an independent non-profit or impact-first, mission-driven for-profit entity
  • Have one or more founders who are full-time or intend to be
  • Demonstrate diversity of people proximate to the problem at hand and a commitment to foster justice, equity, inclusion, and belonging practices
  • Have a program, product or service already in the market with an early indication for impact

Applicants admitted for interviews will be taken through three phases of interviews to assess their eligibility for funding. Successful applicants will be accepted through a final due diligence phase to work towards clear goals for the new venture, including metrics and milestones to help the social enterprise achieve its mission.

Applicants that have successfully passed through all the interviews will receive funding twice a year over a three-year term, totalling USD 300,000.

To apply for the opportunity, visit: Application form