Are you an entrepreneur launching a product or looking to improve an existing one? Apply for the Because Accelerator program.

Because International, a international organisation, invites applicants for the Because Accelerator program, an initiative designed to foster the growth and development of early-stage startups globally in various industries. The primary aim of this program is to provide entrepreneurs with the tools, resources, and mentorship needed to transform their innovative ideas into thriving businesses.

Program participants will receive the following benefits:

  • Financial support in the form of seed capital, key for product development, hiring talent, and scaling operations
  • Mentorship and guidance from seasoned entrepreneurs and industry experts
  • Access to a network of investors, potential partners, customers, and fellow entrepreneurs
  • Education and training through workshops and educational sessions to help founders gain a deeper understanding of various aspects of running a successful business, from financial management to marketing and sales strategies
  • Workspace and resources such as software, hardware, and legal support further reduce operational costs

Interested participants must fulfill the following to apply:

  • Early-Stage: The program typically targets early-stage startups, often at the pre-seed or seed stage. However, some programs may consider startups at slightly more advanced stages as well.
  • Innovative Idea: Startups must have a unique and innovative business idea or product that has the potential for scalability and growth.
  • Dedication and Commitment: Founders and teams should demonstrate a high level of dedication, commitment, and passion for their venture.
  • Coachability: Accelerator programs look for founders who are open to feedback, willing to learn, and adaptable. Coachability is often a crucial factor in the selection process.
  • Market Potential: The startup’s target market should have significant potential for growth and expansion.
  • Scalability: The business should have the potential to scale rapidly, and the accelerator program should be able to provide the necessary resources and support to facilitate this growth.

To apply for the program, visit Application form.