Are you a tech startup in need of free legal advisory services? Apply for the Startup Bluebook Program before 21 February 2023

Certa Foundation, a Rwandan-based non-governmental organisation, invites Rwandan tech startups to apply for the Startup Bluebook Program. The two-year residency program is designed to offer successful applicants the following legal services:


  • Access to in-house legal services such as legal drafting of policies and contracts, legal advisory work
  • Compliance and legal risk mitigation strategy
  • Mediation and negotiation training for startup founders and managers
  • Access to notary services
  • Access to pro bono litigation services where necessary

After the two years of residency, selected startups will provide one (1) lawyer of their choice to undergo training designed for in-house counsels at Certa Foundation.

Interested applicants must fulfil the following to apply: 

  • Be in business no more than two years at the time of application
  • Be registered and operating in Rwanda at the time of application
  • Have an aspect of social entrepreneurship
  • Have a tax clearance certificate and no pending labour and administrative disputes by the time of application
  • Be willing to integrate Environmental Corporate Social Responsibility within the first five (5) years upon establishment

To apply, visit: Application form