BPR Bank clients successfully graduate from the Survive to Thrive program

On 11 November 2022, Bank Populaire du Rwanda Plc (BPR), in partnership with ConsumerCentriX and the African Management Institute (AMI), held a graduation for 16 entrepreneurs from 13 businesses who had successfully participated in the Survive to Thrive program.

The 4-month program offered by AMI sought to equip entrepreneurs with the necessary tools and knowledge needed to build a resilient business that thrives in adversity. The intensive program featured online courses complemented by in-person training sessions where entrepreneurs learned several business concepts, such as customer and market dynamics, and overcoming challenges like reduced revenue and profitability.

“We cannot under-emphasize the importance of this program in everything we are doing for our businesses. The training covered various areas that are key to our operations and sustainability. It is invaluable to say the least”

Humphrey Eric Munambo

MD, Hospital Systems

From the program, graduates have access to an extensive library of tools and materials that enables them to address their business challenges while ensuring efficiency. Additionally, the graduates have access to AMI’s Growth Network, an exclusive community of ambitious entrepreneurs from different sectors, backgrounds, and countries.

Through this program, BPR Bank reaffirmed its commitment to supporting clients in their resilience journey and helped to strengthen their capacity to grow and thrive. The bank is planning more programs and training opportunities for its clients and members of its Business “Biashara Club” in the upcoming year, so stay tuned for more information.


Eric Munambo - Hospital Systems Limited
Innocent Turimaso - Hotel Villa Portofino
Umutoni Rurangirwa Ninah - Culture Green Square Park