Are you a startup with a tech solution? Apply for the Oracle for Startups program

Oracle, a multinational cloud computing company, seeks to support African tech startups to drive business growth across different industries through the Oracle for Startups program. African tech startups will benefit from USD 10,000 of cloud credits to improve the essential tasks of their early operations, such as running a simulation and creating a rendering. Additionally, selected participants will receive hands-on technical support, executive mentoring, access to go-to-market resources, and new customer engagements.

Interested applicants must fulfil the following to qualify for the program:

  • Have a registered startup business in Africa
  • Have been founded within the last ten years and have a functioning website or public profile and LinkedIn profile
  • Be associated with one or more of the following: accelerators, seed/ventures capital firms, and startup enabling organizations/initiatives
  • The following are not eligible for the Oracle for Startups program:
  • Previous graduates of Oracle for Startups program
  • Public companies
  • Oracle customers (including their subsidiaries)
  • Oracle partner network members

The Oracle for Startups is a two-year program after the enrollment date. To apply for this program, visit:

Oracle for Startups Application