Apply for the Innovation for Climate Resilience Fund.

The Global Innovation Fund (GIF), a UK-based non-profit impact investment fund, has launched the Innovation for Climate Resilience Fund. The Fund seeks to support entrepreneurs in climate resilience and adaptation and was established in partnership with the Adaption Research Alliance and Global Resilience Partnership, with seed funding from the UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office.

The Fund aims to address the challenge of generating evidence of impact and scalability of climate innovations through working with innovators to improve the rigor of measurement and evaluation towards climate resilience and adaptation.

The Innovation for Climate Resilience fund will finance innovators through grants, equity, and debt instruments, whose innovations demonstrate potential to scale and support the world’s poorest to build resilience and adaption. Global Innovation Fund has a staged funding approach where innovations in the pilot stage can receive up to USD 230 000, innovations in the testing and transition stage receive up to USD 2.3 million, and innovations in the scaling-up stage receive up to USD 15 million.

Innovations eligible for funding should fulfil the following:

  • Have an innovation focused on the poor
  • Present novel approaches
  • Be able to improve upon alternative solutions
  • Have innovations backed by evidence of potential impact
  • Innovation can be applied in several different settings
  • Demonstrate a potential to scale to reach millions of people
  • Be led by strong and dynamic teams
  • Be ready for investment
  • Demonstrate potential to generate new knowledge on what works
  • Demonstrate a clear role for Global Innovation Fund

To apply for the Fund, visit Innovation for Climate Resilience Fund.