The Latest Government COVID-19 Preventive Measures

On 13th 0ctober 2021, the government reviewed and issued new COVID-19 preventive measures. The new measures issued will take effect from 14th October and will last till 14th November 2021, where the cabinet will review them upon a health assessment.

Below are the updated government measures.

  • Movements are prohibited between 12:00 am and 04:00 am nationwide and all businesses must close by 11 pm.
  • Travellers who are fully vaccinated will no longer require quarantining at hotels upon arrival in the country. However, a COVID-19 PCR test taken within 72 hours will be required for all arriving and departing passengers while complying with set health guidelines.
  • Public offices will continue with essential staff but not exceeding 75% capacity while other employees continue to work from home.
  • Private businesses will continue to operate at full capacity while complying with the set COVID-19 preventive measures.
  • Physical conferences and meetings will continue but should not exceed 50% of venue capacity. All participants must present negative COVID-19 test results taken within 72 hours prior to the meeting.
  • Public transport (buses) will continue to operate at 75% capacity with strict adherence to the health guidelines (social distancing, open bus windows for proper ventilation, and proper mask-wearing). Motos and bicycles will continue to comply strictly with the health guidelines (disinfecting passenger’s helmets).
  • Bars and recreation/entertainment venues shall resume gradually at 50% capacity. All customers should be vaccinated and must possess negative COVID-19 test results taken within 72 hours. The Rwanda Development Board will provide detailed guidelines.
  • Tourism will continue with strict adherence to COVID-19 health guidelines. This includes hotels, tour operators, and transport services assisting guests.
  • Individual and non-contact sports activities will continue with strict adherence to health guidelines. Gyms and fitness centers will continue progressively while adhering to detailed guidelines from the Ministry of Sports.
  • Swimming pools, pools, massage parlours, saunas shall re-open gradually with detailed guidelines from the Rwanda Development Board.
  • Events and gatherings, including concerts, festivals, and exhibitions, held in designated or approved venues such as outdoor tents will continue at not more than 50 % capacity. All participants must possess negative COVID 19 test results taken within 72 hours before the event
  • Gaming activities shall resume gradually while adhering to detailed guidelines from the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

These measures will be reviewed after a health assessment. For more detailed COVID-19 measures, visit: Office of the Prime Minister