Meet Judith Kaine, CEO of Kurema Kureba Kwiga, Winner in Women-owned Businesses Category

Kurema, Kureba, Kwiga – which translates in English to “To Create, To See, To Learn” – is Rwanda’s pre-eminent public-arts social enterprise and custom art services provider founded by Judith Kaine. The organization works with professional Rwandan artists to create works of art that transform spaces and places through colour and creativity. 

To date, the enterprise has created over 50 murals across the country and hosted a number of exhibitions and pieces of training within 26 Rwanda’s of 30 districts. Kurema, Kureba, Kwiga has built opportunities for young aspiring artists in Rwanda by providing a platform for youth to showcase innovative and creative ideas for the arts industry. 

With the cash prize from Twiteze Imbere Campaign SME Response Clinic Business Awards, the social enterprise plans to improve its marketing and outreach efforts to reach more clients. The business advisory services offered as part of the prize will support efforts to build better business strategies to enhance the sustainability and reach of the business.  

For more information about Kurema, Kureba, Kwiga’s work, contact:

  • Phone: +250 787 684 466
  • Email:

Meet Hamdani Habumuremyi, Founder of Hadi Construction, Winner in Start-up/Innovative Businesses Category

Hadi Construction is a domestic company created in 2021 by Hamdani Habumuremyi and Dieu Merci Moise. The two founders initially had the idea while at university when recognizing a need for high-quality construction services in their local community.  

Despite having limited resources, the owners had a strong reputation from earlier work and were able to leverage that perception in the community to build their business. They offer modern construction design and ensure their clients are educated on best practices in construction to ensure quality building with the capacity to withstand environmental disasters. 

While the business experienced a downturn due to the pandemic, the owners are excited about the next phase of their business journey. In addition to growing their business with expanded consulting services, Hadi Construction will also continue awareness-building work in the community; specifically, the owners plan to create broader awareness of land laws within their community. 

For more information about Hadi Construction’s work, contact:

  • Phone: +250 783 141 038
  • Email:

Meet Jean Bosco Manirareba, Founder of Umucyo Company, Winner in Established Businesses Category

Umucyo Company is a domestic company located in Kirehe district involved in the production of sanitary products and body lotion. Jean Bosco started this company in 2018 after attending training at Cyizere Life Center Hospital in Kayonza district about manufacturing soap, lotions, and hygienic products. To raise enough capital to start his business, Jean Bosco provided training to students at the Yego training center in Rwamagana, enabling him to save money for his own business.

In 2018, Jean Bosco started his own business in Kirehe district, serving several clients ranging from hotels and restaurants to individuals.  Umucyo company is well known for offering quality products at very affordable prices coupled. Umucyo’s excellent customer service and products have given Jean Bosco a reputation as a source of inspiration for youth to develop themselves into successful entrepreneurs.

Despite the challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic that resulted in low sales and negative cash flows, Umucyo company leveraged its network to reach out to new clients to stay afloat. The business plans to use the prize money to increase production capacities and cater to the growing demand. Umucyo company also intends to create job opportunities for youth by increasing the number of employees as business returns to normal.

For more information about Umucyo’s work, contact:

  • Phone: +250783688287

  • Email: