Rwanda Trade Portal offers specific information related to COVID-19 for businesses involved in import/export

The Rwanda Trade Portal, launched in 2018 by the Rwanda Revenue Authority under the supervision of the National Trade Facilitation Committee, offers detailed procedures and information related to businesses involved cross border trade. The portal was developed to fulfil Trade Facilitation Agreement Article 1, which requires WTO member states to publish their trade procedures online along with contact information on entry points, fees, and access to forms. In addition, the portal also provides insights for exporters on potential markets for their products by showing regions where Rwandan products have better demand based on data provided by the International Trade Centre.

Due to the emergence of the pandemic, the portal added a section that posts COVID-19 measures and regular announcements from border regulating agencies. Among other content, it includes general information on movement of goods and services during the pandemic and guidelines on requirements and specifications related to pharmaceuticals and medical equipment.

If you are a business engaged in cross border trade, visit Rwanda Trade Portal for more information.