What can I do if I have corporate income taxes and/or personal income taxes due, but I cannot fully pay?


As of 24 June 2020, the Rwanda Revenue Authority (RRA) has authorized taxpayers like you to make partial payments on your corporate income taxes and/or personal income taxes.

RRA recognizes the financial hardship that many people – especially SMES – are facing at this time, and has issued this authorization to help those struggling with cashflow.

This means that at this moment you may make a partial payment. If you owe, for example, 100,000 RWF in taxes, but you can only pay 50,000 at this time, it will be accepted. 50% of your taxes owed will have been paid at this time.

Remember to keep all receipts and documentation so that in the future, when full taxes will be due, you have your paperwork in order!

For more information, as well as contact information if you need more clarification, see the Authorization on RRA’s website here:

Authorization to Receive Partial Tax Payments: 24 June 2020.