What do I do if I have goods/cargo waiting to clear customs?

Answer: On May 1, 2020, the Government of Rwanda issued regulations that require all goods/cargo to be immediately cleared and taken within one day from customs border posts. If an importer fails to take their goods/cargo within two days, they will be required to pay storage and parking fees as follows:

  • Two Rwandan Francs per kilogram per day for parking.
  • Two Rwandan Francs per kilogram in addition to normal storage fees in the warehouse.
  • After two days, goods/cargo will be transported to Kigali warehouses. The cost will be the responsibility of the importer.
  • To facilitate the transportation of cargo from Rusumo and Kagitumba borders, vehicle details (number plate and driver) and cargo owner must be communicated to MININFRA for travel clearance. This should be done via email at or WhatsApp: +250 788 884 431/ +250 788 698 556. For more information, call toll-free at 4287 (0788387125).

The Government is doing all possible to be sure that the clearance of goods/cargo takes place as efficiently and safely as possible.

Be Safe! Make sure you continue to follow general preventative measures. And stay healthy!

Reference: Rwanda Revenue Authority. Ref. 702/RRA/CG/CSD/2020. Issued 1 May 2020.

               Ministry of Infrastructure Public Announcement. Issued 1 May 2020.