COVID-19 Business Survival Bootcamp

Covid - 19 Immediate response bootcamp

To help African businesses continue to thrive, AMI will offer an interactive webinar aimed at preparing businesses to navigate through the initial challenges including access to the ‘COVID-19 Business Survival Toolkit’ through our platform community.

AMI will cover topics aimed at helping businesses navigate the near-term challenges, and prepare for possible bigger shifts – such as managing remote teams, leading in a crisis, optimising health and hygiene at work, as well as financial forecasting and cost management in an economic slowdown

I find the tools to be really helpful and I actually shared a bunch of them with my team. But the cashflow tool was the most useful. We're now using it every two weeks as a team. I think it's great that cash was the main focus of the webinars because that's what is at the top of everyone's mind. One of the participants actually said that if you don't take care of cash then all other things won't go as smoothly as they should."~Liz Robertson, Head of Talent, PowerGen, Kenya

"I am a retailer, I've been in business for 20 years now, but I've never had the opportunity to work with tools like the ones from AMI, that can help me run my business. So getting a chance to learn like this was a gift from heaven. Your programmes are very interesting, especially for the African setting.I now have a team of 6 people, they were 9 but I had to reduce to 6 and I got the answer from the Bootcamp and the courses. I realised some of the roles were overlapping and so it made sense to review, restructure and cut costs where we needed to. Initially, it was tough to see this but after taking the webinar and using the tools it became clear. For now, as an entrepreneur, I can say that I am confident that we can continue operating until the end of the year but I really hope that this crisis will soon end."  
- Yatha Penelungundu, retail business owner, Lesotho