Government of Rwanda reinstates new COVID-19 preventive measures

With an increasing number of COVID-19 infections, the government of Rwanda has issued new preventive measures. Key measures introduced include the prohibition of movements of persons from 8 pm to 4 am. The cabinet also resolved that business establishments including shops, restaurants, markets, and malls must close business operations by 6 pm. Public and private transport between Kigali and other districts is prohibited except for domestic and international tourists that present negative COVID-19 test results and vehicles transporting goods with not more than two people on board.

Specifically for the hotel/hospitality industry, social gatherings and events including hosting of wedding ceremonies, receptions, meetings, and conferences have been prohibited. Public gyms and swimming pools are restricted from public use with the exception of hotel guests with negative COVID-19 test results.

COVID-19 preventive measures are reviewed every 15 days.

To read more about the Cabinet’s communication, visit: Cabinet Communique 4th January 2021